You can not only earn money with legal businesses, but with different sources of income as well.

You can trade in cigarettes (duty unpaid), counterfeit electronics, stolen car parts and illegal weapons.

Of course, you don’t want these kind of deals made on your doormat. So to get into those kinds of businesses, you have to get four federal states under your control first. The federal states will be colored a little darker on the map.


New Mexico


South Dakota

It is up to you to decide in which county you would like which deals to happen. You are completely free to choose.

If you liberated or conquered one of those federal states, by clicking on it or on the map you will be able to select wares by clicking on the money symbol on the left menu.

Here you will be able to manage every other feature of your illegal businesses. Upgrade buildings, transport and selling of wares, as well as getting an overview over past activities. On the left side of the menu you can easily navigate to the different goods.

To turn the goods into wealth, you need an inconspicuous shop, were you can sell all your products.

The selling price is not fixed and fluctuates. So pay attention to the price when selling. You only receive high profits if the course is green.
But be aware! The more lucrative the single commodity is, the more the ATF will be interested in you and sometimes pick up vans on the way to you and confiscate your goods.