Your “businesses” are the legal foundation of your income. The following businesses will bring you money, if you expand them.

Every building has an internal depot for money, to which your sales will be transferred to. You can only work with that money, if you collected it first.


Corrupt Cops: You have to bribe the cops regularly to keep them out of your businesses. If the cops are 100% satisfied with their bribe, your business can tap into its full potential and will produce at 100% capacity.

Bar: There's always time for a drink! A bar is essential for your district, because it helps you to earn a lot of money.

Betting office: Of course, everything is above board here. Nobody will claim anything else, so there’s a lot of money in it.

Gentlemens Club: A refined ambience and sexy girls are a great combination. Visitors gladly spend a lot of money for this experience and keep your tills ringing.

Tabledance: Exceedingly hot ladies in tight underwear will nickel and dime everybody. Good for you – the dancing bunnies will increase your income considerably.

Tattoostudio: Almost every biker has tattoos so a tattoo studio is indispensible for your district. The tattoo studio will increase your income.

Garage: One of the preconditions of a biker is to always have the motorcycle ready to ride. You can raise your income by owning a garage.

Shipping: Shipping is the perfect camouflage to transport things unseen. Additionally, the one or the other legal contract brings clean money into the cash box.